Outdoor Activities


Shadow Play

Write the name of many different animals on a slip of paper and place them in a container.
Hang a sheet across one end of the room and point a light at the sheet.
Have the children sit on the other side.
One player draw a slip from the container and then stand behind the sheet in front of the light and act out the animal.
The audience must watch the shadow play and guess the animal.
Give a point for each correct guess and then award a prize to the guest with the most points.

Sleeping Bag Race

Relay-races often top the list for outdoor kids’ party games.
For a camping party,  use sleeping bags instead in stead of potato sacks.
Kids can jump inside of their sleeping bags, and let the race begin.
Or get into them on the ground and crawl, worm-style, to the finish line.

Bear Catcher

This is a game of tag, one player is the bear catcher and the rest are bears. Place one sleeping bag for each bear around the campsite. Have each bear go to his cave (sit on a sleeping bag) and have the bear catcher stand in the center of the play area. On the word “go!” (Called by a non-player), the bears must race to a new cave before the bear catcher can tag them. When a player is tagged, he becomes the new bear catcher.

Scavenger Hunt

What better way to explore your campsite than with a scavenger hunt?
Hide various pieces of camping gear for the kids to find, or make lists of things they would find in your campsite’s environment. 
In the bush, for instance, items to find could include a stone, a dry leaf, a piece of bark and a four leaf clover.

It’s fun party game for all ages.

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