Slumber Party

Screen shot 2015-09-19 at 6.55.59 PMTicking Timer

Ask guests to leave the room. Using an old style alarm clock that ticks, hide it somewhere in the room and set the alarm to go off in one minute. The guests enter the room and have just one minute to follow the ticking to find it. The one who finds the clock before the alarm goes off wins.

Odd Socks

Using paired socks (one pair for each guest) place gifts inside one of the paired socks and hide them around the room. Give each of the guests the pair to each sock and ask them to find it’s mate. Inside will be a prize for each guest.

Fashion Show

Buy old clothes from an opp shop or raid the wardrobe for miss-matched clothes and accessories such as hats, scarves, shoes, jewelry and so on. Pile them all on a table. The guests have two minutes to put together a unique fashion statement. Once they have selected their outfits they must each do a fashion show. Take turns in announcing each outfit.

Pillowcase Designer

Using white pillowcases have the guest decorate them with puff paint, permanent markers, glitter and more crafty ideas. Make sure they sign their artwork before putting them onto their pillows and on display.

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