Sand & Water Parties

Beach_Ball_clip_art_hightWater Relay

This game needs two teams. Use a bucket or bottle and prop it up on a mound of sand. With a small tumbler each player must run one at a time to the ocean or area with water and fill the tumbler then run to the bucket or bottle and empty it. Give the teams a time and at the end of the time see what bucket has the most water.

Sand Castle Competition

Separate into two teams. Work as a team to build a sand castle. Parents can be a judge. Put a time frame on the activity. It’s a fun way for kids to be creative and learn team skills.

Mini Golf

This is a fun family project at the beach. Using the sand build a mini golf course and with plastic golf clubs and balls putt the ball into the holes. Score like a real putt putt and have loads of fun.

Beach or Pool Volleyball

Set up a net and divide into two teams. Using a large beach ball can be lots of fun as you work as a team to get the ball over the net.


Here is an old favorite. With a bamboo stick and some fun music have your guests lean backward and under the stick. Each time the stick gets lower until only one guest is left.

Click here for a PDF of Sand & Water Parties