Magic & Mystical Parties

magic hatMystical Map

Draw up a map of the back yard or park. Have the path loop around and place little clues and mystical items like gemstones, fairy dust and more. Each time has a clue to find the next and eventually lead to the hidden treasure.
Separate guests into two teams and the first to find the treasure wins.


Knotted Rope

You will need a length of rope for each guest. Place the rope in a straight line in front of each guest. Ask them to tie a knot in the rope without taking their hands off of the rope. (go here to see how it is done) After 5 or 10 minutes show them how it is done and let them have some fun with it.

Hat Trick

Ask the guests to sit close together in a small circle. In the middle of the circle place a top hat (or any sort of hat). Give each guest a hand full of cards. Ask each of them to toss one card into the hat. Once you reach the fist guest again ask them to sit back a bit further and continue tossing the cards into the hat. As the circle gets bigger the harder it is to get the card into the hat. If a guest misses the hat they are out and the last one left wins.

House of Cards

Give each guest a pack of cards. They have to build a house with their cards and the first one to use all of their cards wins. You will be amazed with what they come up with.

Click here for a PDF of these activities