Craft Parties

Screen shot 2015-09-16 at 10.25.54 PMFrame & Display

Using a number of different craft items like pencils, textas, glue, pasta, paint, string, Popsicle sticks and more, have the guests create works of art on a square cardboard. With another piece of cardboard cut out a square and place it over the top of the artwork to create a frame.

Shirt Art

Design a T. Shirt with puff paint, glitter and permanent markers.

Bakers Clay

Make Baker Clay with
4 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
1 ½ cups water
Mix together and get the guest to create whatever they want from clay animals, to people to whole cities.

Portrait Guessing Game

Ask all guests to put their name on a strip of paper. Put the strips in a bowl and pull out one at a time and hand it to another guest. Be sure everyone gets someone else’s name.Give all of the guests a piece of paper and a pencil. Ask them to draw a portrait of the person who is on their strip of paper. They have 10 minutes. At the end each guest will hold up their portrait and everyone has to guess who it is.

Click here for a PDF of Craft Games