Circus Parties


Ring around the bottle

Stack bottles in a shallow box. With medium sized cardboard, rubber or rope rings guests have to try and get the ring around the bottle. 3 rings and you win.

Cardboard Clown

On a large cardboard box paint a clown with his face cut out. Guests can put their face through the hole and get photos taken.

Penny Platter

Guests have to toss the coins and try and land them on the platter. The guest with the most coins wins.

Shooting Gallery

Place empty plastic bottles on a shelf. Guests have to shoot the bottles down with a squirt gun. The most bottles wins.

Clown Face

On a large cardboard paint a picture of a clown face and cut the area where the nose should be out. With small been bags guests must toss them through the hole. The one who gets the most in wins.

Balloon Pop

Fill a cardboard wall with balloons. Using child friendly darts have the guests throw the darts to pop the balloons.

Fishing Game

Wish a wooden pole or stick attach a string and magnet on the end. In a kiddies pool place plastic fish weighted down with sinkers and the guest must try and attach the magnet fishing string to the fish. The guest with the most fish wins

Click here for a PDF of Circus Games